What are some well known carcinogens?



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    Here is a website with an extensive list of the many chemicals that can cause cancer: http://www.scorecard.org/health-effects/chemicals.tcl?short_hazard_name=cancer&all_p=t 

    Asbestos is a well-known carcinogen most commonly correlated with the onset of lung cancer.  The fumes of nickel, cadmium, and chromium can also cause lung cancer.  Most chemical carcinogens don’t give anyone cancer right away.  There is what is called a “latency period” where the cancer lays dormant in the body and develops years after the initial exposure event. This period can be as long as 30 years.  

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    Some well known carcinogens are asbestos, mustard gas, solar radiation, tobacco, and ultraviolet, X-, and gamma radiation.  The resource provided below offers an exhaustive list of known and probable carcinogens.

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