what are some websites that offer information on being eco-friendly in all aspects of daily life?



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    For starters some great websites that have info on beauty to transportation to travel to food to health and so on, include:


    national geographic’s: thegreenguide.com

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    There are countless websites that provide an extensive guide for green living. To start off, the We Can Live Green website is an amazing website that acts as a huge directory to all aspects of green living. From topics like apparel to restaurants to construction, this website literally has it all. 

    Green Living Tips is also wonderful, as it provides straightforward tips useful for everyday living. 

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    I’ve added an additional resource with a directory of several more green websites that you can comb through for more information.

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    I like http://www.ecofriendlymag.com/ because it keeps me informed on current news articles that are about environmental issues. It also sources everything that is found, so you are linked to a bunch of other eco friendly sites. 

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    http://www.naturalnews.com is kinda like a news website but on nature news and things like that, and if you give your email, they send you newletters. ☺

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