What are some websites to find part-time environmental jobs of students?



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    Your local Craigslist is probably your best bet. As are any ‘zines where you live. Most of the part time environmental jobs will likely be with a group like PIRG. But if you really want to get into the movement, I’d recommend seeing if there are any environmental organizations nearby that are looking for interns. GreenDreamJobs.com is another good site, but I have yet find a position through them or idealist.org, which reminds me, I should probably look at those sites real quick now.

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    I know that http://jobs.greenoptions.com has some listings and have used http://www.greenjobs.com (though not much has come of interest to me. Several sites such as yahoo! HotJobs and the MSN sections offer a green category when searching through their classifieds as well. As mentioned above, craigslist is a good bet too, though be cautious when using their services.

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