What are some of the weaker muscles in our bodies?



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    Human bodies are designed to promote need-based muscle strength. In other words, as we are born, all muscles are pretty much on the same level of weakened strength. As we grow and develop, our muscles gain strength depending on how often we rely on them or push them beyond their current strength zone. Therefore, all muscles have the potential for equal strength, and the answer to this question has to be one which acknowledges the dependency of muscular strength-building upon the individual lifestyles of the muscles’ owner.

    That being said, common muscles which are ordinarily remain untargeted for strength-building exercises include those in the groin region (around the pelvis, especially the inner thigh), the obliques, and neck muscles (which can receive negative reinforcement training from repetitive, sedentary-type work or lifestyles, such as constantly looking at a computer).

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