What are some ways for a youth group to help the environment?



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    My favorite method youth groups use to help, is fundraising.  If you are like me, then you can’t say no when a youth comes up selling something for a cause.  One of the biggest draw backs to helping the environment is there is little money to be made doing so, and the less money you have, the less you can do.  The money raised can go into anything you think would be beneficial.  This can be for research in ways to make greener products, planting tree’s, or to run other programs to help the environment.  

    Even without money there is still much one can do.  There is always trash that is not biodegradable out there that needs to be recycled.  A community clean up program can be put into place.  Also, the youth group can find ways to help inform people about the benefits of going green.

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    I say form a walking schoolbus so that parents don’t need to drive the kids to school. This will reduce the chance of chronic obesity in your community as well as lower the carbon footprint of your community. It depends on how old the youth group is, though. With an older group that has to travel longer distances, you might want to make it more bicycle oriented. You could teach each member of the group a basic bicycle maintenance skill, then collect bicycle donations and fix them for other members of the community. You can pair this with some bicycle safety education, and hopefully get some adults to use bicycling as their primary mode of transportation, too.

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