What are some ways that you plan on celebrating the equinox?



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    I wasn’t consciously aware of the equinox until I saw you question. But I don’t think I will be celebrating it in any particular way, most people don’t know about it. Anyway if I happen to be at a party I might mention it, but just as an interesting trivia. 

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    Good question, Lunafish! Personally, I plan to open a bottle of wine (eco-friendly, of course!), but I generally do not need a celestial event as an excuse to do that.

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    The etemology of the word equinox translates into equal night, when the day and night are approximately the same length of time.  This spring, the equinox well welcome in the spring season and I plan to celebrate with good friends and good food.

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    I’m going to ride my bike in the direction the earth is spinning to see if I can impart some of my momentum to its rotation.  Of course, all my work will be undone when I have to ride back.  Then I may drink some wine like seanm. 

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    I usually enjoy the equinox by simply going outside and enjoying the weather.  That is, when it’s not raining!

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    My friends want to do the Maypole……However, I think somebody told me that the Maypole was like a witchcraft thing… so perhaps that is not the best thing to do 

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    The Celtic Druids celebrated equinoxes and solstices with sun festivals. It’s important to remember the magnitude of the earth and our place on it. The earth give us life, and that’s what these celebrations are about. But make it your own, by all means.

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