What are some ways you have greened your home?



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    Repairing leaks was a good way to green my home and save money at the same time by conserving energy and water while keeping down heating and cooling costs. I do not own my house, so I can’t put solar in, but we are able to add compost in the backyard and reduce our trash to almost nothing. We only use environmentally safe paint and don’t water our lawn. We also changed all of our cleaning and paper products to sustainable or organic versions that don’t use harsh chemicals or dyes.

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    I live in an apartment so I can only do so much, but what I have done is changed all of my light bulbs to either CFL’s or LED lights, I started turning off the AC or heat when I leave to go to work, checked to see if there were air leaks under my doors or on my windows and if so caulked them.

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