what are some ways in which we are trying to make buildings better for the environment?



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    There are a lot of ways that people try to make their buildings better for the environment, or more green.   One important aspect of a building is its insulation.  By making sure it is insulated very well, you cut down on the cost of heating and a/c, which lowers your ecological footprint by burning less fossil fuel.  Not only is it important to insulate well, but the actual material that you use for insulation can have an environmental impact.  Biofoam, for instance, uses soybeans in their insulation instead of mostly a petroleum based foam. 

    Another way to green your building is to include toilets and urinals that use lower amounts of water per flush.  Some places even have flush-less toilets.

    Also, including recycling bins for cans, plastic, and paper next to the garbage bins in your building will help promote less waste production.

    Given that there are so many ways to help make buildings better for the environment, I hope more people respond to this question and offer their ideas.

    Hope this helps!

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    Many new buildings that are in the building and planning process are aiming for LEED certification. To get certified a building needs to gain at least 40 points out of a possible 110 through including different sustainable features. Several examples include but are not limited to

    • Choosing a site that has been redeveloped from a brownfield
    • Choosing a site that will protect and restore wildlife and habitat
    • Stormwater control systems that reduce the amount of stormwarter runoff
    • Reducing the heat island effect on the roof through suitable materials
    • Creating a greenroof that not only cools the building but reduces runoff
    • Using materials that are regionally produced
    • Using materials that have been reused or contain recycled content


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