What are some ways that we have used technology before fully understanding it?



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    It could probably be said with considerable truth that we do not FULLY understand any technology, so all uses would be those we use before fully understanding.

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    It depends on what you mean by “we.” Consumers of technology almost never understand, in depth, how their tech works, or the consequences of its production and use. To create a technology, though, it has to be understood, at least well enough to be made — you can’t ask for much better technical understanding than that. However, there are plenty of commonly used materials that we may not understand fully — the most obvious is the human brain. Likewise, the compositions and consequences of the food we consume, our methods of consumption, etc. In the conventional sense of your question, every bug in a computer program is evidence that it, perhaps, wasn’t well enough understood, or at least, that could be argued. Train your eye on any technology and you can find a possibility for deeper understanding, whether it be in refinement of laws, mechanics, or even just greater understanding of matter and physics themselves.

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    Technology is sometimes used to make medicine that we do not fully understand. In cases like that of thalidomide, it can lead to disaster. Coined the “biggest medical tragedies of modern times”, thalidomide was initially created as a sedative and used to help pregnant women suffering from morning sickness. Unbeknownst at the time, one of the side effects of thalidomide was birth defects in the baby of the pregnant women. It took four and a half years of birth-defected children before the cause was traced back to thalidomide.

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    Well, it depends on what your definition of “technology” is. For different cultures, perspectives, and eras it may mean different things. Technology, in the medical aspect, could mean different kinds of tools that were utilized to treat various types of problems that a person may have had—according to the era and the beliefs that those instruments would help a person. For example, in the middle ages there was something called trepanning, it’s when a hole is drilled into a patient’s head in order to get broken bits of a skull, out.

    Another example that’s a little more modern is the disc jockey’s vinyl records, turntables and mixer mastery and how the experimentation of certain sounds and bits of music entwined create a movement in the physiology and mental elation of a person. By this I mean that when music is made, it has a certain rhythm to it that people naturally move alongside to, with the technology we have nowadays, programs such as electronic effects or samplers can transform a song or series of songs into a whole new sound that may captivate an audience in a more impacting way. The physiological response in the brain is the release of endorphins when a person is dancing and having fun. Throughout time, the technology of music has inevitably affected a myriad of people around the world that had been unprecedented by the creator or producer, that is exemplary of how music technology has been used without fully understanding what the effect would be or even in the construction of, say a turn table would turn out the way it did.

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