what are some ways we have reduced the impact a building has on the environment?



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    Buildings are the greatest contributors to global warming.  This cannot be said generally, but there are people who have decreased their home’s energy usage, which in turn helps reduce that home’s impact on the environment.  Steps such as turning off light, lowering heating settings and increasing cooling settings, using energy efficient light bulbs and appliances, and unplugging electronics when not in use all help save energy.  Pairing these energy saving steps with using renewable energies such as solar energy greatly help reduce a home’s impact on the environment.  

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    We have made rooftops more reflective of light, and less absorbent of heat, by making them out of a white reflective material, or by covering rooftops in gardens (the best way to go!)… we have also began using rainwater from gutter systems to water gardens and for other purposes as well. Homes have better insulation—this keeps the heat trapped in (or cold in the summer) so the heating (or cooling) system does not have to work on overdrive (and waste energy). Some houses even have their own energy generation systems: solar panels; solar thermal water heaters; wind turbines, etc. (how long will it be until the first coastal home has it’s own tidal wave energy catching equipment? Or the first geologist decides he or she is going to drill down to capture the earth’s warmth to heat their home?) 

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