What are some ways that we have made our kitchens more eco friendly?



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    We have made our kitchens more eco friendly through design, materials used, and various products. To make your kitchen more eco-friendly, you can switch your dining ware, floor, and even cutting boards to be made out of bamboo. Bamboo is considered one of the most sustainable woods because of its quick growth, ability to grow almost anywhere, and durability. You can also reconsider your lighting. Add as much natural light as possible and swith your lightbulbs. Many people are even changing their countertops from granite to recycled materials such as mixtures of recycled glass and recycled stone chips. Changing all of your appliances to more modern and energy efficient ones will also contribute to your “green” kitchen and makins sure your fridge has a tight seal with also conserve energy. Consider installing a recycling station and even having a compost section. In terms of food always try to buy local and organic. There is always more that you can do but this will lead you in the right direction to transform your kitchen into a more eco-friendly environment.

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    Cookware can actually help contribute to efficiency as well, using materials that conduct heat quicker and do not emit chemicals in the production process.  Tephlon has been recognized as carcinogenic, and although copper is a good heat conductor but actually emits chemicals into the atmosphere when it’s being made.  The best eco-friendly cookware is either ceramic coated or cast iron.

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    The water faucets have been made so that the pressure of water coming out is not as great. This has greatly reduced our use of water. Also dishwashers and ovens are often certified by energystar, finding that they are of a certain energy efficiency standard. 

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