what are some ways that we destroy the climate in America?



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    Habitat destruction is one way we have altered the climate in America. The cutting of forests opens up the land to erosion and wind, which leads to drying of the soil. This changes the microclimate of the area. If the cut area is big, it can change local temperatures and wind patterns. In time this can lead to changes in the climate.

    Other ways we have affected climate is with smog, acid rain, and lots of emissions polluting the air. This has lead to less sunlight and changes in temperature locally and on a larger scale.

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    Climate change is generally considered to be a factor of greenhouse gas emissions.  The main greenhouse gas of concern is carbon dioxide (CO2).  There are many sources of emission of CO2 in the U.S., along with examples of CO2 “sinks”, or areas that sequester CO2 away from the atmosphere.  The EPA website below has a useful chart showing the relative sources of CO2 emissions, and has links to charts of CO2 sinks.  The primary source of emissions is, in fact, burning of fossil fuels.

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    Transportation is a major factor of greenhouse gas emissions. This includes not only cars, trains, buses, boats, and planes, but also the trucks that ship our food and other products from coast to coast (or country to country).

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