What are some ways we can study the global impacts of climate change?



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    A team of ecologists, biologists, climatologists, and other scientific disciplines could work in unison to study the global impact of climate change.  Ice-cap melting, rising ocean temperatures, shifting plant life, and shifting climate patterns are some things they might look for. 

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    Glaciers are a valuable tool for seeing how climate change has affected our atmosphere. Since glaciers can be hundreds or even thousands of years old, scientists can drill what’s called an “ice core” and analyze its composition to determine how the atmosphere has changed. We’re able to see significant changes when the Industrial Revolution began through present time.

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    Other things to considering when studying the global impacts of climate change are: trends in increased hurricane, flooding, and drought intensity, boreal forest die-backs, the amplified effects and increasing frequency of El NiƱo, the decrease in ocean pH, the increased species extinction rates, and the levels and effects of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.  


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