What are some ways we can shift our economy to a greener economy?



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    Many of the ways to maker are economy greener involve subtle changes in the way we do business. On the large scale, companies need to start accounting for the entire life cycles of their products from “cradle-to-grave.” This way the price will accurately reflect the environmental costs of mining and waste. Companies also can switch to the greener versions of things they already do. Utilities should shift to renewable energy, clothing companies should work to make more durable clothes with organic cotton, less glues, and sweatshop free labor, automobiles should get better mileage and automakers should push more electric, hybrid, and fuel cell technologies onto the market. We need more organic farmers and more naturally raised meats. Basically there is a greener equivalent to most of the things we consume and industries need to focus on producing these products.

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    Government funding for green innovation technologies will help create jobs, for one.  According to the Center for American Progress, investments in clean energy infrastructure would create four times the number of jobs provided from further investment in the oil industry.  Sustained investments in clean energy, primarily from the private sector (owing to the economic stimulus) and from some government funding, would generate an estimated 1.7 million jobs, lowering the unemployment rate by one percentage point to 8.4%.  Moreover, these figures do take into account, “the inevitable job losses in conventional fossil fuel sectors of the U.S. economy as they contract.”

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