What are some ways we can operate buildings to make them more efficient?



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    There are so many ways to increase efficiency in a building.

    First and foremost it is essential to conduct both a waste and an energy audit. Next, you can begin investing in renewable energy, implement a recycling program, start installing led and motion-sensor lights, invest in low-flow water systems, and no-flush urinals. In addition, you can also make sure that all of the appliances (kitchen equipment, t.v.s, monitors, water heaters, etc.) are all energy star-rated appliances, and in smaller buildings, you can encourage and even reward things like taking the stairs, biking/walking to the office.

    These are all great ways to start attacking the efficiency issue.

    But they’re are only a start!

    Check out these great websites for more tips, and when you are ready, find a professional to help you put some of the more complex practices in place.





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    From a purely operational stand point there are a lot of ways to increase building efficiency without buying anything. Reducing energy use is a first. Using daylighting as a light source throughout the day will reduce the need for electricity use. Also unplug chargers, computers, and other electronics when they are not in use. It is estimated that five percent of U.S. electricity is wasted by electronics not in use and that in the average home nearly 75% of all electricty used to power electronics is consumed when the device is off. Additional energy saving can occur with heating and cooling. Instead of using mechanical heating and cooling systems open windows at night to cool the building and open the shades during the day to heat it.

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