What are some of the ways we can monitor our home energy usage?



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    There are a variety of energy monitors available for home use now. When looking at ways to monitor the energy consumption in a home, power monitors fit in three categories: checking the consumption of single devices or appliances, monitoring the energy use of a whole house, and online dashboards that link up with utility companies as part of a smart grid. A whole house power monitor tracks electricity use for the entire home by attaching to the home’s electricity meter. A sensor is installed near the meter, and a monitor goes in the house. A user can see how much energy is being consumed and when – and with some monitors, by what appliances or devices – track their use history, and see what their monthly bill will look like in real time.

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    Earth2tech.com has a few good places to go when you want to start monitoring your home energy usage. The five options are: Lucid Design Group, GreenBox, AgileWaves, DIY Kyoto and Onzo. Each offers an interesting and often high-tech/accurate approach to tracking your home energy usage. Check out http://earth2tech.com/2008/05/19/5-energy-monitoring-startups-to-help-you-cut-home-power/ for more details.

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    The EM2500 Meter Reader tracks and documents the true power consumer by an electrical load (anything that uses electrical power). The EUM-2000 can display the household energy usage in terms of Kwh or dollars, and can be found for around $200. Also, the Kill-A-Watt will tell exactly how much electricity (in terms of dollars or Kwh) an appliance consumes.

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