What are some ways we can make traveling a greener process?



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    We can make traveling greener by developing technologies that rely on renewable energy. A high speed rail system that runs on renewable energy, or an airline fleet that can harvest greater amounts of solar energy would be a massive step in the right direction. Electric car infrastructure would be another huge way to curb traveling emissions. Being able to curb the amount of energy that is used for travel would be a great way to help move towards carbon emission targets.

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    Try to limit the amount of flying you do and buy carbon offset credits as often as possible. Instead of driving everywhere or hopping in a cab, take public transportation, walk, or rent a bike. Before you book-research where you will be staying to find out their environmental practices (beware of all-inclusive hotels, big resorts, and CRUISE Ships). Bother travel books from a friend or library, rather than buying them.

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