What are some ways that we can make dorm rooms more energy efficient?



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    There are a few things you can do! You can change out your lightbulbs for CFLs, make sure that you recycle all your recyclable items, turn off lights when you’re not using them, and turn off/unplug computers/TVs/cellphone chargers when they’re not in use. DOn’t let dorm room bathroom faucets drip.

    But a really important thing you can do is get involved at your school! I know at my school we have no independent control over the thermostats in our room, so we can’t turn down the heat. This and other factors are very energy-intensive, but if you get involved, you can help put pressure on the school to change these things so you can be more environmentally friendly!

    Here are a few more simple tips for greening your dorm room: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/green-dorm-room-easy-greening.html#

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    A few ways to make a dorm room more energy efficient is replacing regular light bulbs with energy saving bulbs.  Starting a recycling program or compost pile if the complex doesn’t already have one is a great way to get people to work together to save the environment.  Of course minimizing the use of heating and cooling systems will also help save energy as well.

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    Using common refrigerators, microwaves etc rather than personal ones, would decrease the energy requirements of dorm rooms. Heat, however, is one of the highest uses of energy in northern climates, so having well insulated windows and room specific thermostats would go a long way towards increasing the energy efficiency of dorms.

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    I am currently in college and I can tell what makes dorms so unsustainable are the students.  people just leave all the lights in their rooms, leave TV’s on, take showers that last for 30 minutes.  Never unplug ANYTHING. The best thing to do to make a dorm go green is to try to change the students living there.  You would be shocked at how much energy would be saved if they just became responsible. 

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