What are some ways we can help stop the destruction of marine habitats?



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    One of the easiest and most beneficial ways we can reduce the amount of marine ecosystem destruction is through the abolition of outdated and destructive fishing techniques, most notably bottom-trawling. Bottom-trawling is a practice that uses large nets to drag everything off the ocean floor. While this includes a number of fish, it also includes marine vegetation, rocks and coral and by-catch (unintended fish). This practice not oinly wipes out entire populations of fish, but it leaves ecosystems as cold and barren deserts were it could take years or decades for life to return. By disallowing the continued use of destructive practices like these, we can not only protect the natural ecosystems of the oceans, but also reduce the amount of fish harvested and allow populations to rebound.

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    Another way to help is to be a wise consumer and make choices that help, not hinder, marine habitat.  A primary example is the use of plastic.  Have you heard about the Great Garbage Patch?  It’s made up of mostly plastic, because the material isn’t able to fully degrade.  Estimates suggest there are 6 lbs of plastic for every 1 lb of plankton.  To be proactive:


    Buy products that use minimal packaging.

    Look for products that are made from materials other than plastic.

    When you’re finished with a product, dispose of it properly. Try to reuse it or recycle it the best you can.


    Everything leaves a ripple effect. What you throw away ends up in a landfill with runoff, or pollution along the way can end up in water systems that contaminate local waters or lead to rivers and oceans.


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