What are some ways we can have harmless packaging?



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    Try to purchase packaging that is at the very least recyclable. Even better is packaging that is fully biodegradable and not made with chemicals, and even better than that is packaging that is safely compostable. Avoid products that over-package, such as putting single serving foods into small cellophane packages, and then putting those inside a box. The less packaging the better.

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    A lot of companies are working to have eco-friendly packaging, especially organic companies. For example, Pangea is an organic personal care brand that has gift sets that are packaged with the materials you need to grow a tree I believe. Plus, the items in the gift set (i.e. body wash, shampoo) are biodegradable. Also, minimizing the amount of packaging is also another way to be eco-friendly. There is one soap broad, I can’t remember the name of it though, that uses mininal packaging buy only selling its soap in a recyclable paper.

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