What are some ways we can green our workout?



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    Do it at home so you save fuel and carbon emissions! If you really want to go to a workout, maybe with friends, then carpool together.

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    Do cardio workouts (running, biking, walking) outside. This will not only reduce the amount of electricity being used than if you were using equipment, but studies have shown it can improve your mood if you spend time outdoors.

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    Another idea is to do activities that – while raising your heart rate and giving you a good workout – help the environment in some ways.  You could lead nature walks for children and teach them about nature, green habits, etc.  You could jog outside and bring a bag – stopping to bend over and pick up trash every time you see some.  You can walk and run places instead of using your car to commute.  You can garden and participate in community outreach projects that have physical duties for volunteers to do. 

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    A few easy ways to make your workout more green:

    1. Do it at home.  Exercise videos are a great way to use significantly less energy and electricity than a gym and often provide just as good of a workout

    2. Do it outside.  Instead of pounding away on a treadmill, or pedaling your heart out on a stationary bike, do those same activities outside to save the electricity used when operating those machines.  Better yet, find a new activity such as rowing, rollerblading, or extreme biking to do

    3. Dress in ‘green’ apparel such Gaiam organic clothing (http://www.gaiam.com/category/apparel.do) when getting your sweat on

    4. Hook your stationary bike or treadmill up to a generator or battery and use that energy to power other electronics such as an iPod or TV (to see how: http://www.treehugger.com/files/2007/08/human_power.php)

    5. If you are going to use a gym, carpool your way there … or better yet, walk or run!  You’ll get in some great cardio before (and after!) and save the gas/mileage/car use over there

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