What are some ways that we can get Americans to use less plastic water bottles?



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    usually water filtration systems can save consumers from having to buy bottled water at all

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    Re-usable bottle are the best choice for eliminating disposable bottled water. In most cases, the water found in plastic bottles is no better for you than tap water, unless of course you live in an area with unsafe tap water. In buildings, instead of supplying employees with bottled water, a water jug dispenser is a good option. The water jugs can be refilled once they are empty, unlike plastic water bottles. 

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    Encouraging the use of re-usable bottles and perhaps raising taxes on bottled water may help reduce the consumption of bottled water. Designing re-usable water bottles so that they are less bulky and more compact like disposable bottles also may help. Also, the public should be given more warnings of the dangers of the chemicals inside of the plastic water bottles that can be exposed from heat and from reusing them. It is important to know that most bottled water come from the same sources as tap water and, in areas where tap water isn’t as clean, drinkable water can be achieved from buying a water filtration system like Brita.

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    Education about bottled water might help.  Surprisingly it is not always cleaner than tap water.  Also bottled water costs 2,000 times more than tap water, and is often just filtered tap water!  Do yourself and the planet a favor and use a re-usable (BPA free) water bottle and save a ton of money while you are at it!

    Check out the video below, totally awesome!

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    Market and advertise BPA free water bottles as great alternative. Here is a clever idea. What if we got all businesses, conventions, sports arenas, schools, anywhere where many people tend to gather and instead of having bottled water, had stations where consumers can pick up water. Have this catch on to the point where this trend would become integrated into our culture. Similar to a rest stop or the big water jug next to where golfers tee off.

    Don’t be too critical when evaluating this comment, it is just an futuristic daydream.

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