What are some ways we can drive more efficiently?



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    Hello Nina,

    I am making a list of suggestions. Here it is:

    1. Regular car maintenance such as oil change may improve car performance which can increase its efficiency. 

    2. Check your tires. Tires with no enough air will need more gas to run. Also, check the condition of your tires. If you have not changed your tires for 3 years, please get a check up. Friction between tires and road is a must, for your own safety and also car performance. 

    3. Remove junks from inside of your car. Heavy trunks may require more power for the car to run. 

    4. Avoid traffic. For this one, it is like a practice. Certain hours have less traffic. I live in Los Angeles, commute everyday. I usually check the traffic everyday. http://www.traffic.com/

    5. I know this sounds weird. But having a GPS may help you drive better and more efficient. Getting lost and driving around trying to find locations mean you drive more unintentionally. Having basic GPS may help. Some cellphones have GPS featured in. 


    Hopefully this may help you. 🙂 


    Source: Personal Experience

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    That depends on what you mean by driving more efficiently. If you mean getting better mileage, there are some tips that can help no matter what car you have. For one, it’s always better to drive at a consistent speed rather than stopping every five minutes. That’s why cars tend to get better mileage on the highway. Keeping your tires properly inflated can also help your mileage; if not, it means your car has to work harder to keep performing at the same level. If it’s possible, you can even try carpooling with someone else so that you transport more people with less cars.

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