What are some ways we can change our packaging to make it better for the environment?



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    Reduce the amount of packaging used in products.  Many products don’t need packaging at all.  I have bought earphones that come in a full plastic impenetrable fortress, the useless information printed on finished glossy paper inside, the plastic carrying bag, and it all ends up in the trash.  

    Also reuse and recycle as much of the packaging as possible.  Check local recycling information, there may be other options than throwing it all in the trash.

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    Packaging is the largest percentage of US the waste stream, making up 30.8% in 2008.  The best way to lower this portion of the waste stream is to” make it easier to recycle, make it with recycled materials, use less packaging, and use plant based plastics in addition to composting.  Also turn down paper and plastic and bring your own canvas bag, one of the easiest eco-activities you can do.

    It is also important to make producers responsible for their product’s packaging at the end of its life.  Some countries in Europe, including Germany, have laws that require producers to recycle their packaging.  

    Plus is it really necessary to have your Chinese takeout in Styrofoam, inside a plastic bag, inside a paper bag?  Too many things are over packaged.  

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    Buy locally instead of having things shipped to you. 

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    sometimes, it might seem like some products have too much, unnecessary packaging, but you have to keep in mind that if it helps the conservation of the product, it doesn’t count as unnecessary packaging. The best thing for environment is not having to throw away the product itself, instead of having to throw away the packaging that comes with it…

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