What are some ways that we are using recycled plastic bags?



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    Plastic bags are being recycled for various uses. Some common ones include packing material, trash bags, rope, garden liners, handbags, clothing, jewlery, and even polar fleece. People have also used plastic bags to make furniture, shoes, and art.

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    Well, my grandmother has become a wizard at cutting plastic bags into strips and then crocheting them into purses. But I feel like that’s not indicative of any kind of major movement to use recycled bags, haha!

    This website contains a dearth of information about plastic bag recycling. Since plastic bags are thermoplastics, meaning they can be repeatedly softened by heat and hardened by cooling, they are often melted down and then hardened into a piece of “composite lumber” or many small plastic pellets. These two forms can be reshaped if heated again into different consumer products. Plastic picnic tables, and synthetic carpets are often made from thermoplastic pellets. Flooring and other products can be made from recycled plastic pellets as well.

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