What are some ways we are trying to reduce water pollution in America?



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    The EPA has issued many rulings requiring businesses to clean up their acts.  Recently, they have passed a bill that requires construction sites to monitor discharges and comply to a limit of discharge they are allowed.  This is significant because the run off water from mishandled construction sites causes a significant amount of America’s water pollution.  

    The EPA has also set limits on the amount of pollution allowed into the famous Chesapeake Bay.  To achieve this, the states around the bay area are looking into a redefining of their municipal sewage systems, as well as the handling of storm water, so that they can clean up the historic bay.

    There are many other projects that the EPA has been setting up in order to help conserve and protect the integrity of our water.  Visit http://www.EPA.gov to learn more about their efforts.

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    The Clean Water Act is the main source of legislation that regulates water pollution in the United States.  It was most recently amended in 1977.  There are many critics of the law, saying that it is outdated and stricter legislation needs to be in effect to prevent the lax enforcement of water pollution.  For example, various water facilities are still operating under expired permits and many violations of the Clean Water Act are not addressed.

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