What are some ways we are trying to create a better more stable green community?



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    I think that the first thing that most people are doing is spreading awareness concerning environmental issues to get communities to pull together in order to take action. Consumers are also more cautious of who they buy from and prefer supporting companies that are exercising social and environmental responsibility. Addressing environmental issues is also a big concern next to the economy when it comes to the public officials that we are electing in office at the local, state, and federal, levels. There is also a big interest in environmental, ecological, and nature education in the public school system and in Universities. Both public and nonprofit organizations are working in collaboration to develop programs that help to meet this new demand.

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    Time Banking is a great way to build connections with other people while helping the environment at the same time. Time Banking essentially builds up the local economy and makes people less reliant on foreign goods and fossil fuels. There are countless ways to time bank, and it always involves an exchange of time rather than money. Since different people have different skills, but time is valuable to all people, this works very well.

    Just as an example, let’s say that someone in my neighborhood catches a cold and doesn’t want to go shopping. As long as she makes a shopping list and pays me for the groceries when I get back, I can pick up what she needs by bicycle. Then, I will have deposited some time in my time bank. I can later make a withdrawal from that time bank to have someone do something for me such as help me garden or make a quilt from some of my old clothes.

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