What are some ways we are making TV’s more efficient?



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    Companies are reducing the amount of power necessary to power the television. Depending on what type of set you buy, a television can consume as little as 45 watts or as much as 500 watts. Also, rear-projection TVs are also technically energy efficient but not as bright as you may want. They key things to consider when looking for an energy efficient tv are:



    -adjustable brightness

    -and an easily accessible OFF button

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    Remember there are also plenty of things YOU can do to be more efficient with TV use. If you have a household that likes to have a TV running in the background, get a smaller TV to do that for you. Turn off your TV whenever possible, and don’t always use the “stand by” mode that some newer models have, make sure you are acutally turning it off if you aren’t going to be using it for awhile.

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