What are some ways to use recycled paper to decorate a room?



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    There are a lot of cool decorations you can make out of recycled paper! 

    There are a bunch of different flowers you can make out of paper: 


    Or you could make curtains or hanging decorations:


    Or you could make a collage: 


    The options are endless really. Just get creative and have fun with your recycled decorations! 

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    My friend did a really cool thing with magazine pages. I think she got them out of Time magazine, but they were all drawings/paintings of different famous musicians, actors/actresses, and singers with a few paragraphs about their lives. I think a collage is a really great idea, too. You can try making a portrait of a person or animal that inspires you. You could also try making different faces of people or animals, or scenery. Might be really time consuming, but I bet it could look really amazing. Here is another neat photo below. 

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