what are some ways to use old paper grocery bags?



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    I attached a link with some uses for old paper bags.  Some of them are pretty bad, but there are some good ones.  For instance, you can use them to increase the ripening time of fruits and vegetables, use them as work mats for peeling potatoes or vegetables so the cleanup is easier, wrap packages that you are sending in them instead of using a box if they are already in a producer’s box, and if you have kids use them as book covers.  A lot of schools would probably take them off your hands to use as book covers as well.

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    I always use paper bags to wrap presents or packages that I need to mail. For mailing, the brown paper is easy to write on and covers up any markings on the box. For gifts I add a nice ribbon and bow and the paper bag can look really nice.

    A friend of mine uses her paper bags to store her recycling until she takes it out to the bin.

    You can also cut them up and line cages of your animals, such as birds, snakes, and hamsters, with the paper.

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    Here are more uses for brown paper bags. 

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