What are some ways that todays architecture is designed to be green?



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    Green architecture has become a very broad term because of its growing acceptability, efficiency, and overall interest. It refers to the design of buildings so that they have minimal negative impact on the environment. Green construction involves the responsible recycling of existing resources along with efficient use of various environmentally friendly solutions to provide water and power through sustainable design. Examples of this are using building materials that are made of organic compounds rather than synthetics. Building orientation and window placement is also a strong element of green design. USGBC’s LEED certification program provides many resources that can help you further understand architects’ incorporation of energy savings, water efficiency, CO2emissions reduction, and improved indoor environmental quality techniques.

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    There are many things architecture can do to benefit the environment as well as the owners. Some of these include:

    Planning: – building for your region, for example, light color exteriors reflect heat of the sun, benefiting homes in warmer regions, while darker colors absorb the heat for warmth.

                  – building to suit your space instead of clear cutting the area, use existing trees for passive solar heating and cooling.

    Construction: – choosing material, building from sustainable, recylable, reuseable, durable materials.

                       – minimizing waste, reusing leftover materials for another construction

    Daily life: – savings, using isolation and energy efficient appliances

                  – conserve resources, using drought-resitant plants, adequate drainage systems, efficient pipe system and faucets.

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    I think that today, as opposed to fairly recently in the past, architecture is becoming green because it considers how to use the elements in the design of a building. Light and heat, for example, can easily come from the earth and not only from electronics. I think this idea is really what makes architecture “green” these days; the consideration of what can be offered by the earth (in a non-damaging way). 

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    LEED compliance of modern day building is most imp milestone in domain of greening Architecture. Fed has given a lot of sops like tax cuts and incentives for the builders and commercial/institutional building so that they make their building green.LEED- Core and Shell is dedicated for the builders who want to sell a green space before its actually built.There are lot of active campaign ,blogging and different levels of networking which having started to promote the idea of building green and generate awareness in the people to live in green spaces.

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