What are some ways to take care of natural resources?



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    There are lots of ways help conserve natural resources.  In fact, almost every activity that is considered eco-friendly is, in one way or another, aimed at conserving or restoring natural resources.

    One of the most popular ways to conserve resources is to implement the three Rs: Reduce, recycle, reuse.  Reducing the amount of materials you use, and recycling and reusing as much as you can are great ways to prevent natural resources from being unnecessarily depleted.  Buying items made from recycled materials and buying used are another way you can accomplish this. 

    Using renewable energy sources, or minimizing energy consumption, reduces the depletion of non-renewable fuel sources, such as oil, coal and natural gas.

    Water can be conserved by taking shorter showers, using low-flush toilets, or by recycling greywater.  Another important element of water conservation is reducing water pollution.  This can be done by reducing the amount of toxic chemicals you use in your home and daily life, and by storing and disposing of those you do use properly.

    These are just a few ways that you, as an individual, can help to protect natural resources in your daily life.  There are most certainly many other ways (big and small) that natural resources can be protected.

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    Probably the best advice would be to simply ‘tread lightly’ and ‘only take what you need’.  Our natural resources are some of the most beautiful, bountiful, productive and limited resources we have so every care should be taken to use them with trepidation.  Everything from water to energy needs to be looked after as we continue to grow and our natural resources continue to shrink.  You can start by:

    • Turn off the water when you’re not using it
    • Avoid taking elongated showers or baths
    • Recycle!
    • Buy local fruits and veggies
    • Turn off the lights when you’re not using them
    • Walk or bike! (instead of drive)
    • Eat vegetarian one week of the month (or all weeks)
    • Ask your boss if you can work from home one (or more!) days a week to reduce your commuter carbon footprint
    • Teach your kids (or other people’s) about all of the above so future generations have these habits without even thinking about them
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    One of the best ways is to avoid using fossil fuels at all costs, either directly or indirectly.  This means avoidance of driving, as well as not buying goods that are shipped long distances.  Growing food or buying from local farm CSAs is the best way to ensure that you contributing as little as possible to climate change. Climate change severely threatens every ecosystem on the planet.  Warmer winters have already caused insect outbreaks which have devastated large swathes of forest resources.  The boreal forest is threatened by wildfire, erosion, and disease.  The ocean is also being converted into acid through a chemical reaction with greenhouse gases.  

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    You can also support conservancy efforts by donating time or money to planting trees (or answering questions on GreenAnswers). The link below provides a long list of organizations working to save the world’s trees and forests, which are one of our most important and threatened natural resources. The easiest way to do this would be to answer questions on GreenAnswers, although you can perhaps do even more by giving to the organization that the site works with, Trees,Water & People.

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