What are some ways to take advantage of natural lighting?



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    Some ways to take advantage of sunlight (if this is what you mean by natural lighting) include polishing your floors, decorating with white and bright colors, using light-colored curtains, adding some mirrors, and using glossy paint for your rooms. Just remember to select paints that don’t give off volatile organic compounds, as they are harmful to your health.

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    Natural lighting is a great way to reduce electricity usage and take advantage of the benefits of letting sunshine in, as is done with passive solar heating. By having large windows that are appropriately placed in a living space, you can create a well-lit and energy efficient room. Because of their poor efficiency in comparison to walls, windows are recommended to take up no more than 15% of a wall space so as not to compromise the benefits gained from using the windows as a light source (if the windows are over-sized, you may end up losing more energy through them than is saved from reduced electrical light usage). Tubular skylights are another way to take advantage of natural lighting without risking too much energy loss. They allow light into a space from directly overhead without exposing a lot of space for potential heat loss. In addition, the tubes inserted into the ceiling are specially designed to reflect the light that comes into them, so they allow a lot of natural light into a room.

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