What are some ways that social media has been used to help the environment?



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    Social media is used to connect with friends, community, peers, professionals, etc…  Well environmental groups use social media in this exact same way.  To increase awareness of local events, of relevant news stories, of simple ways to promote healthier and more conscious living.  This on-line forum, greenanswers.com, could be viewed as a on-line social forum.  Social media extends from the internet to radio, television, print, posters, etc… and again, environmentally conscious businesses and groups use social media outlets to advertise for the good of the environment, in the same way that other companies market their products.

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    There are a variety of campaigns and petitions that circulate through the Internet through email, facebook, twitter, and more. Groups like Rainforest Action Network, Amazon Watch, and Avaaz utilize these technologies. Social media action can range from reading about an issue and adding your name to a list all the way to receiving instructions on calling corporate CEO’s and organizing days of action at your college. Social media has helped to publicize issues related to rainforest deforestation for palm oil plantations and Chevron’s ignorance of the oil contamination at their sites in Ecuador. Social media can quickly connect avid Internet-users to current and pressing environmental issues worldwide.

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