What are some ways to save on heating bills during the winter?



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    Since gas and energy bills generally increase about 20% during the Winter seasons, it is very wise to to energy and cost efficient! One way is to buy new or at least use different appliances that will save you money. For example, using natural gas or propane fueled appliances will save $105, or approximately 8-12% of last year’s bill. Maybe instead of turning on the heater, you can opt for more layers of warm clothing instead, with gloves and socks too. Your water heater level can be decreased by 10-20 degrees and won’t even be noticeable except for the money less spent on your bill. Vent fans, surprisingly, also take up a good portion on your bill if kept on for excessive periods of time. If you have rooms that aren’t being used, closing those rooms will also save money. Keeping a constant thermostat level is very important as well. These are some tips among many to help you save this winter!

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    A big part of saving energy from heating your home is making sure that your home is well insulated and doe not have any leaks through which the heat can escape. Some homes see a utility bill savings of up to $1000 a year when they do this type of work on their house. Most leaks will be through the attic and the basement. You should also replace your insulation if it is very old.

    Another concern is weatherization. Check out the link below.

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    To add to insulating your home use radiant barriers. They look like the bubble packaging you put in boxes. Since you loose most of your heat through your attic, radiant barrier needs to be placed either on your attic floor or attic roof. Radiant Barrier prevents heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.

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