What are some ways a regular home wastes energy?



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    One way is simply through heat loss from poorly insulated buildings. Much heat is lost through drafty windows and doors, and in older houses even through the floors.

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    Most Americans spend a little too much time in the shower.  Daily hot showers over 5 minutes take a lot of energy to heat, not to mention the water waste.  Try and keep showers at 5 minutes or less, or give your hair a rest and shower every other day.  We also waste a lot of water keeping our grass green.  A lot of households are also in the habit of leaving lights on when they go out so that it wiill look like someone is home and divert potential burglars.  You can purchase timed lights that will go on and off to achieve an even greater effect (it will look like there’s someone home actually turning lights on and off) and save electricity. 

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