What are some ways to reduce office waste?



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    There are many great resources for reducing office waste, and the one I find the most simple, but through is CalRecycle. At the following link you will find a several ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle. It will help you get started!


    Many ways you can make your office more sustainable are the same ways you can make your house more sustainable. Using linear or compact fluorescent bulbs or LED lighting is a great way to save energy. Even more effective is exploring the use of occupancy sensors and daylight sensors which will aid in the office’s green impact. A paperless office would be ideal, but is usually not so easy to carry out. One good strategy is emailing whenever possible instead of printing. Even something as simple as changing the energy settings on your computer can help save energy. Check out the link cited below for more options! 

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    One of the companies I worked for saved thousands of dollars each year by having everyone turn off their computer monitors at night. Programmable thermostats are a great investment. Using recycled content office paper, saving toner cartridges for recycling, and reusing paper as much as possible also helps. 

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    instead of printing pages and pages of reports, burn them on CDs to reduce paper use and clutter. think carefully before printing anything. make forms electronic. Use filterless coffeemaker, reusable mugs, utensils and plates. Buy snacks in bulk. Paper waste is the dominant source of source in an office, so anyway to use less paper but still get the job done is good! 

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