What are some ways to recycle water in the home?



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    The most popular method of recycling household water is “greywater” recycling.  Basically, any wastewater the home produces other than toilet water fits under the heading greywater.  Greywater can be reused for many purposes, especially landscape irrigation.  Furthermore, greywater reuse allows you to reclaim nutrients in wastewater which would be otherwise wasted, as well as offsetting the depletion of viable drinking water sources.  While people typically retro-fit their own graywater reuse systems, there are manufactured systems available on the market.  http://www.bracsystems.com/



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    As the previous answer states, greywater recycling is the one of the most popular methods to recycle water in your home. However, buying a good greywater system is also pretty expensive since they typically cost several thousand dollars. Here is a list of osme other ways to recycle water at home:

    • Rain collection barrels: You can either buy rain collectoin barrels or simply use buckets. These are typically used to water the yard, garden or feed livestock. Rain water is better to use for these purposes since they are free of chemicals.
    • re-use water from flower pots: this depends on how large the flower pot is, you can place a bucket underneath the flower put and simply rewater the pot.
    • take baths instead of showers: on average people use less water when taking baths instead of showers
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    Some ways to recycle water in the home are using rain barrels, (Check in your neighborhood for rain barrel making workshops. This is a good way to get them at a reduced price and to reuse materials that may otherwise go to waste) greywater systems, collecting cold water from the sink or shower while waiting for water to heat up (which can be used for plants), and planting rain gardens (collect excess water from heavy rainfall). There are many ways to reduce water usage in the home as well, including low-flow toilets and shower heads, turning faucets off when not in use, doing bulk loads of dishes in the dishwasher, and other creative methods.

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