What are some ways to recycle waste water?



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    The easiest way for some one to recycle waste water would be to have a household waste water recycling system installed in their home.  Their are many companies that specialize in installing these water treatment systems by adding two new sets of piping to your current water system.  The installation may be costly at the moment, but it definitely pays for itself in the long run by reducing your energy bills.  This also helps the environment by decreasing the need of fresh water, and taking reduces the need for chemical water treatment.

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    Yes, as the previous answer has stated buying a greywater recycling system would be a great way to recycle water. You can buy a commercial greywater treatment system for a couple of thousand – initial prices are quite high – but you can do a world of good by  perserving water resources, helping out the environment and aving money over time. However, remember that greywater recycling is not meant to produce drinking water. It just saves the use of drinking water on gardens, car washing, tiolet flushing and laundry.

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