What are some ways to recycle old bottles?



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    Depending on how artistic or creative you would like to get, there are several interesting ways you can recycle old glass bottles. For instance, you can make your glass bottles into candle holders, mosaic tiles for the yard, vases, etc. You can also make a makeshift flower pot using old bottles or you recycle them for cash at your nearest bottle recycling center.

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    As mire2187 said, get creative! There are endless ways to re-use something, so try your hand at whatever you can. If the plastic is colorful, you can make beads out of it. If the plastic is just clear, you could use it as a protective coating on something else. If you melt it, just be careful not to do it with an open flame because then it will catch fire and release a bunch of nasty stuff into the air.

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    You can reuse bottles by keeping things in them (make your own jam, put in herbs or spices, use them as vases), you can make a bottle tree (You can buy a wire tree shape and hang all different colored glass bottles on it. They look pretty cool, my neighbor has one), you can use them as decorations (my boyfriend’s family filled glass bottles with all different colored dyes and put them on the windowsill in the kitchen so light shines through them into the room), or you can take them to a local recycling facility. One other neat idea is to drill a hole in the back and fill them with lights. This especially looks cool in different wine bottles.

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