What are some ways to prevent freezer burn?



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    There are many products that help to reduce freezer burn. Companies like Ziploc make bags that seal twice to help protect food better from the ice that forms inside of the freezer. For further protection you can vacuum-seal your food. This machine seals your food in plastic while sucking out all of the excess air.

    It is best to not leave foods in the freezer for a long, long time. This will help eliminate freezer burn also.

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      what about for food items that are stored for short periods of time (two weeks or less), that come in their own containers — such as ice cream?

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      Make sure the lids are on tight! I have found that if I do not seal the lid all the way around, ice has gotten in. Also, if the fridge is not level, some times a block of ice will form in the back – either in the fridge or feezer. Items kept close to the back or this ice block tend to get ice inside of them. However, most things that are stored for a short period usually do not get freezer burn.

      If you are having problems with this, try pulling out your fridge and dusting the coils in the back. This will help your fridge operate better and may help with the freezer burn.

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    In addition to purchasing bags or vacuum sealing products to protect your food there are also many things you can do with the operation of your freezer to help prevent freezer burn.  Some examples include keeping the temperature below 0 degrees F, not letting the food sit out a long time before freezing and leaving enough space to let the air circulate in your freezer.  For more tips see this website.  http://life.familyeducation.com/foods/safety/36570.html

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