what are some ways people have abused or degraded their natural environment?.



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    There are many ways in which people degraded their natural environment:

    a)Deforestation:- due to this lots of soil erosion take place.

    b)Polluting the water bodies:- due to this people are not able to get clean & safe water.

    c)Using private vehicles:- due to this more amount of harmful gases released from the cars creating air pollution.


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    1.  Cooperate monocultural farming – Farmers compact the earth with machines so plant roots can’t penetrate it.   They also till the soil every year which disturbs and kills a great deal of the microbial population needed to convert minerals and nitrogen into forms that plants can uptake for nourishment.  Also the use of pesticides is most likely responsible for lowers bees’ immunity, causing them to be susceptible to various diseases that are killing them off.  

    2.   Sewage systems and modern day medicine – So many people are on medications these days.  Several chemicals in these medications, specifically hormones, pass through the body, into the toilet, and through the sewage filtration system back into the water supply affecting the marine life, and therefore, probably the people who are drinking the water.  Prime examples are the Potomac River and Puget Sound, where frogs are now found with six legs and male frogs now have ovaries.   Unfortunately both these bodies of water are the water source for millions of people.  

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