What are some ways that packaging is getting more eco friendly?



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    Some ways that packaging is getting greener are boxes made from recycled paper and biodegradable packing tape. 

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    The most common way packaging has gone green was to make recycleable packages out of previously recycled materials. Bio-degradeable packaging is also becoming more common. Also, cutting back on the use of styrofoam – either as a container or packing peanuts, is one way to have more eco-friendly packing.

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    Along with recyclable packaged and using recycled materials, some stores are also just not using packaging at all: in most natural food stores/health food stores they have bulk bins that remove all packaging. Water bottles are also being created with smaller bottle caps (that cannot be recycled) and less plastic overall.

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    Mcosta’s answer I believe is the most indicative of industry-wide practises. Packaging of everything from milk jugs (remember the uproar the altered Costco jug design caused) to Kleenex boxes to door handles has started to decrease. This is an excellent illustration of how fiscally beneficial sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices can be. The companies spend less money on packaging and the consumer sends less plastic to the landfill.

    A specific example of a company using more environmentally-friendly packaging can be found with Quiznos. The new packaging is comprised of:

    •  “100 percent compostable wax-coated paper cups”
    •  “Pulp salad bowls made from renewable sugarcane”
    •  “Plastic lids made of 30 percent post-consumer recycled PET bottles”
    •  “Napkins made from 100 percent recycled material and fibers (90 percent post consumer)”
    •  “Catering lunch boxes made of 100 percent recycled paperboard (35 percent post consumer)”

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    Another example is that corn starch packing peanuts are available to replace the traditional styrofoam version.

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