what are some ways that our oceans are being negatively impacted today?



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    Coral reefs are being bleached and destroyed by the overwhelming strength of the sun. This affects the marine life and shorelines of the areas where these coral reefs are dying, which is happening around the world. Companies still continue to dump in and pollute our waters with waste like medical supplies, drywall, various chemicals, etc. Overfishing is devastating entire ecosystems, the list unfortunately just goes on. The second link I provided might be of more interest to you than the first as it refers to several issues instead of the one. 

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    Due to the natural current patterns of the pacific ocean, all of the trash thrown into it has been carried off and accumulated onto one large garbage reef known as “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.” The patch stretches from 575mi off the coast of California, and extends as far as Japan. With over 100 million tons of garbage, it is the largest landfil in the world.

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    In 2008, a team of researchers published a very interesting map showing areas that have been negatively impacted by human activities – such as commercial fishing and coastal pollution.  They quantified the impact of 17 human activities on marine ecosystems to draw the map, which illustrates changes in the oceans’ chemical makeup, devastation of the coral reefs, and declining fish stocks.  Ocean DamageOcean Damage

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