what are some of the ways to motivate a person to his/her environment clean

methods to help motivate people



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    If you’re talking about little ways to keep the environment clean, then it’s always a good idea to make it a group initiative: recycle with your friends and maybe make a competition out of it. If you’re in a position of authority, then an incentive may entice people to support greener actions.

    If you’re talking about cleaning up one’s area, like a room or bathroom, then I find that I usually keep my room cleaner by hosting events. It’s like signing up for a race to give you the motivation to run every day to train. If you have a deadline, then you may be more pressured to do what needs to be done, i.e., cleaning.

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    baileyhicks’ answer nicely summarized some issues and good, solid conventional answers. Those are certainly ones to start with. Let me throw in a couple things that were de-motivational in my life, which has otherwise been relatively successful.

    1. My dad not practicing what he preached. He didn’t ever want to mow the lawn, but he made me do it.
    2. Poor concentration habits. Some issues take real concentration to understand. Some require 30 minutes, 1 hour, or even several sessions of uninterrupted concentration — working at one’s peak during the day. Many people in the last decade seem to think they fully understand a very complicated situation after reading a blog or a Wiki article. And that’s at the same time as being interrupted on their phone twice and listening to tunes!
    3. And now something really radical. Even given baileyhicks’ good advice, consider whether some of those things you are trying to motivate someone about … are really worth doing. Our society creates a whole lot of “social make work”. It’s worth social status, maybe, but is it important, in the bigger scheme of things, is it ecological? Is it really important to mow the grass? Or is that just keeping up with the Jones’? Why does a teen need a clean room? Their friends probably don’t care. Why wash your car? When I see someone with a dirty car these days I think: Oh, there’s someone who’s developed their own priorities and is probably doing something interesting. Maybe your teen, or significant other, etc. isn’t heading toward a life where their car always has a perfect wax job.
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