What are some ways to minimize office waste?



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    The quickest and easiest way to minimize office waste is to begin double-sided printing and photocopying.

    Another quick fix is to encourage the use of cups and dishes instead of using disposables. Keep a nice collection of plates, utensils, glasses, and mugs on hand for office staff to use.

    Hope this is helpful!

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    1. Go electronic. Instead of creating paper files, make electronic files when possible. There are some computer programs/applications that can replace sticky notes! Also, there are many ways you can safely password protect or encrypt your important, confidential files.

    2. Make printers and photocopiers print on both sides. If you’re just printing up some rough schematics or something, you don’t need separate sheets of paper since you’re not going for a professional presentation.

    3. Fight junk mail. Often, state and local government websites will have information about how to get your business name off of junk mail lists.

    4. Reuse your office products. Try to reuse envelopes when possible, encourage staff to use reusable cups and mugs (not disposable), and use rechargeable batteries. You can even attach paper that has been used on one side to make scratch notepads. Send your toner cartridges to be refilled and recycled.

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    If your company wants to provide water with higher purity than tap water, encourage them to install a filter on the kitchen/break room sink. This is a much more eco-friendly option than bottled water or than having deliveries for a water cooler.

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