what are some ways to make my home more water efficient?



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    Low-flow toilets and efficient faucets and shower heads are good ways to reduce water use in the home. 

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    There are many simple things you can do in your home to save water. Here are just a few major ones.

    1) Don’t let the water run when washing dishes by hand or brushing your teeth.

    2) Upgrade to air-cooled appliances

    3)Wash clothes only on a full load

    4) When watering the grass, make sure the sprinklers are not watering the sidewalk.

    5) Replace the shower head with a more efficient model if the shower head can fill a gallon bucket in 20sec

    The link has many more ways to save water. Hope this helped!  

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    Water plants at times when the sun is not at its peak so the plants can use the absorb the most possible and limit the amount you have to water them.  Plug the sink as you wash your dishes by hand so you can clean as many as possible without having to turn the water on again.  Use the shower water to water your plants (use a biodegradable soap as well).  Switch all the settings for you appliances over to the energy efficient setting if they offer one – most dishwashers can now air dry instead of steam dry.

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