What are some ways to make Christmas more environmentally friendly?



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    We have started to replace some of our older christmas lights with LED and more efficient christmas lights (of course the friendlier thing to do would be not put up lights at all). We keep recycling bins out for party guests and make sure to collect up cans and bottles (which is something that would happen anyway). Another major thing we do is recycle the wrapping paper, either saving it for later or collect it for recycling afterwards. One thing you could do is use old newspapers or magazines as a source for wrapping paper, rather than purchasing new paper. If you do buy new paper, then make sure it’s a recycled product. When shopping, bring re-usable bags or keep everything in one bag. Ordering online instead of going to the mall will save you gas and is less of a hassle. Chances are the delivery guy is going your way with someone elses gift already anyway.

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    There is a great book called Green Christmas by Jennifer and Peter Sander if you want more in depth descriptions but there are a lot of things you can do.

    Here are some of the ones that I have implemented:

    Try not to go crazy with lights. I put my outside (LED) lights on an automatic timer to only stay on for a a little while, and I unplugged the tree during the day, overnight, and when no one was home to appreciate it. Also skip those inflatable lawn things they are huge power suckers.

    Skip the wrapping paper. I found a bunch of cute boxes at target this year. They don’t need to be wrapped and I can use them over and over again, then I used them to store some of my more delicate ornaments in. Save and reuse all the ribbons and bows.

    If you are going to give out Christmas cards try to get ones made from recycled materials and make sure they don;t have any metallic or glitter decorations as you can’t recycle those. But maybe send out Christmas e mails instead and save all the paper.

    For party food, try to go local, organic and seasonal if you can. And use reusable plates, glasses, and utensils.

    Lastly don’t give out junk people don;t want. If you arn’t sure what to get them, give a gift card, or make a donation to a charity in their name. I know that it may sound a little impersonal but so is a gift that you didn’t  really think about.

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    It’s important to be careful to with gift cards.  While reusable, people tend to throw them away as more than 10 billion new gift cards are created each year.  The resulting waste contributes more to 75 millions pounds of waste to landfills. Unfortunately their convenience leads many people to be very casual with them.

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