What are some ways that large companies can reduce their waste?



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    Many of the simple everyday recycling practices can be adopted by large companies on larger scales to have significant effects. The EPA suggest some simple preventative things such as ” doing more double-sided copying and as complex as redesigning products to use less material (i.e., less packaging) and/or less toxic material in the production process.” The EPA also has a waste minimization program called National Partnership for for Environmental Priorities (NPEP) where it works with industrial corporations, government agencies and communities to reduce the amount of waste generated. 

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    Large companies can reduce their waste in a number of ways. Simple ways to do this are to encourage employees to use both sides of the paper. Old paper can be reused as notepads by being cut to custom sizes and bound with a staple (this second suggestion of course can’t be done if the first suggestion is followed). Companies can streamline their business practices to cut back on packaging and hard copies of reports and other documents.

    Offering meetings or workshops on waste reduction would help to empower employees to make “green” decisions in their work environment.

    Companies which synchronize streamlined and more efficient business models with employees who are more waste-conscience in their daily activities will be the most successful in reducing waste of all kinds.

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    Businesses have many options when it comes to reducing waste. jmendez and djstam proved some great options. Some other suggestions include installing fluorescent light bulbs in place of old incandescent ones. This is a simple way to save money on your energy bill while getting a longer life span out of your bulbs.  Also, business es can offer employees the option of telecommuting.  This cuts down  on the amount of resources being used in the office while giving the employees the comfort of working at home. There  are tons of options when it comes to cutting waste for large business.                          

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    Companies that manufacture products can also minimize the amount of packaging they use for those products.  Regardless of company type, companies can encourage employees to reduce, reuse, recycle and even compost at the office if that’s feasible.

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