What are some ways to kill termites in your house?



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    According to the Termites Guide, it is nearly impossible to get rid of a colony once they have infested.  I recommend searching through the phone book and seeing if there are any all natural exterminators in your area.  It’s best not to use the chemicals on your home if you don’t have to.  The typical chemicals used by convential exterminators persist for a very long time in air vents, and can end up on your food and clothes and become a health problem.  The site below lists excellent ways of preventing termites from infesting your home again.

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    Some methods include:

    1. Liquid termite treatment (spraying liquid termiticides around your house)

    2. Baits (kill off colonies by spreading pesticides)

    3. Borate treatment (best done when constructing the house)

    4. Fumigation (works only on drywood termites)

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